By the time you reach your editable profile, you might already have some generated content on your page. 

However, you might want to spend the next 10 minutes making sure you have some essentials in your profile before sending it out to your prospects or clients!

  1. Profile Photo
    If you need some help selecting a winning photo for your profile, you might want to refer to our article here.

    As for how to upload a photo:
    1. Click on "Choose image to upload"
    2. Choose a photo (You might want to copy it to your device first)
    3. Crop your photo - you can resize the crop rectangle, and click and drag the icon in the middle of the crop rectangle as needed
    4. Click on "Save and close"

  2. Written biography
    If you answered all the questions during the registration process, you should already have a biography generated for you. If you want to change what is written in there, just click on the text area and type away!

    For more tips on writing your story, you might want to check out what we wrote about!

  3. Headline to draw attention to an important point
    Adding emphasis to a conclusion of your story is simple on profile builder. Just follow the following steps to give a sentence a bit more ommph!

    1. Click on "Add New Section"
    2. Click on "Headline"
    3. Click on "Add New Section
    4. Click on the example text, and type your own sentence in there

After which, feel free to enhance your profile even further with more sections, videos, and images!

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